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  • I would request you to kindly read my complete message and reply to me.. please..

    As you might know, education wise I am a masters in Biotechnology and have PG diploma in management and PG Diploma in IPRL.

    I worked in Molecular connections for 1.5 years (2010 FEb-2011 July) as Research Analyst.

    Since 2012 August I have been working in Formulate IP as a Patent analyst where I draft , search and prosecute patents. I analyze pharma patents, adverse events, drug efficacy and draft patent applications.

    I always wanted to work in CRO, but I never got a chance. Many of my friends got a chance without doing courses or after doing jobs such as HR, teaching in schools; in CRO and specifically in NOVO NORDISK and IQVIA. My colleague Lavanya who worked with me in Molecular connections got job in IQVIA. Not only her Ashwin Devadiga too.

    I apply to several CROs but get rejected. I did a couple of certificate courses related to clinical research as well.

    I am from a Biotechnology background, analyze pharma patents and literature, know professional English also. Then why am I treated like this?

    I am ready to join as a fresher, I don’t demand any salary, then why am I treated like this?

    It really hurts me and pains me that just because I have some other experience I am neglected. As if I am an outlaw or criminal. Not acceptable by society or industry. Why am I treated like this?

    I am ready to learn, ready to work hard, but never opportunity is given to me… Even in IQVIA I applied several times now and gave walkin interviews in 2017, 2018 and 2019 for clinical research related positions… But I got rejected in last rounds. Why am I treated like this..

    Please answer my questions and relieve me from agony.

    Thank You and Regards,
    Deepak Kumar

  • hello everyone
    i am looking for a job
    I have done Msc Statistics from kashmir university.
    currently i am working under the flagship programme of ICMR-NCDIR at sheri kashmir institute of medical science as statistician in cancer registry and i have 7+ experience in cancer epidemiology and 25+ publication in the field of cancer,statistics and social work and nursing reserach,teaching of biostatistics and paper writing,doing analysis using statistical software spss,openepi,excel.
    #job #teaching #statistics #nursing #medical

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