TCS Mumbai Hiring PV Manager – PSMF

TCS Mumbai Hiring PV Manager – PSMF

29 March, 2022

About the job


Location: Mumbai

Exp: 3 to 8 years

Job Description:

  1. Support Global QPPV office for timely release of PSMF every month.
  2. Support PSMF management activities to ensure PSMF is maintained in an inspection-ready state.
  3. Assist and ensure timely collation, analysis and evaluation of the PSMF data responses received from various stakeholders (PV functions).
  4. Follow the project plan to complete the assigned PSMF management activities within the timelines.
  5. Support the additional scope to update PSMF SharePoint, collate QC checklist, update the PSMF documents applicable to QPPV office.
  6. Track, review and follow-up the PSMF section/annex received from all the stakeholders.
  7. Prepare the consolidated PSMF QC checklist tracker every month for the PSMF compliance check.
  8. Organize regular meeting with Global QPPV office to effectively communicate and plan various PSMF management activities.
  9. Prepare distribution copies on monthly basis after the PSMF published.

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