Siro Clinpharm Hiring for Senior role- Narrative Writing

Siro Clinpharm Hiring for Senior role- Narrative Writing

26 March, 2022

Position Summary:

  • Complete ownership of Narrative Writing domain from the perspective of garnering new business, advanced competency development, people development, talent retention on merit, strengthening relationships with clients and optimally supporting all new and existing business
  • Perform project management and people management activities with effectively leading the Narrative Writing activities & build expertise across the different document types
  • Compliance to timelines, quality, processes & policies and robust tracking of revenues/ billing/ invoices, project milestones, resource utilization and budget
  • Robust tracking of revenues/ billing/ invoices, project milestones, forecast, resource utilization and budget; support new and existing business and strengthen relationships with clients
  • Work closely with Alliance Managers and cross-functional teams in identifying, evaluating and proposing new opportunities learnings/ process improvements with significant business impact.

Key Responsibilities:

Productivity and Efficiency

  • Effectively lead the narrative writing team & build expertise across different document types Robust review of all types of Narratives and other assigned medical writing documents in accordance with documented guidelines, SOPs, and timelines. Ensure that the data is objectively and accurately represented. Responsible for the final deliverable in terms of timelines and quality.
  • Establish, vigorously monitor and report KPIs & strive for continuous process improvements. Promote and implement appropriate management control systems to ensure quality deliverables and adherence to process compliance. Function as process owner who will lead/drive initiatives and programs that are aimed to improve functional and process excellence within the group.
  • Effective project management and optimal project utilization: ensuring maximum productivity per assigned work load and defined metrics

Compliance to timeliness, quality, processes & policies

  • Achieve high quality deliverables with minimal oversight and robust review process including addressal/ rationalisation of all review comments
  • Ensure that documents are approved and issued as per timelines and comply with established quality standards and performance metrics
  • Strict adherence to applicable processes and policies, including but not limited to applicable regulations, guidelines, policies, SOPs, WIs, process flows, templates, style guides, etc.
  • Ensure timely reporting of deliverables, project updates & prompt issue escalation to the line manager/ project manager; perform any other responsibility assigned by Line Manager
  • Timely and regular update of all tools and trackers; documentation and archival of deliverables; be prepared for any audits and inspections

Support new and existing business

  • Help diversify business by supporting strategies and business development efforts
  • Prevent escalations by ensuring robust mitigation measures right upfront and up-to-date preparation and maintenance of relevant governance documents, including but not limited to, governance-escalation-communication plans, RACI, issue logs, SIPOC, process flows, etc.
  • Support department promotional activities assigned by reporting manager/ business leads
  • Be prepared for any audits and inspections with maintaining all systems and processes up to date
  • Business development activities like client/ engagement mapping, creating strategies, hunting of new clients and farming of the existing business

Talent Management:

  • Recruiting and retaining talent, review/succession planning for key positions
  • Work effectively with other writers, communicating project information in a timely manner
  • Support coaching & mentoring/ buddy programme, on-demand trainings, prepare/ support training modules and conduct trainings, disseminate the learnings across teams
  • Effectively contribute in imparting trainings, process improvements, lessons learnt and knowledge sharing sessions
  • Ensure business continuity with minimal or no dependency on self
  • Train and facilitate in the overall development of the direct reportee(s) including the development of skill sets required to function their role(s), develop newer competencies/ enhance existing competencies
  • Ensure team meets productivity expectations with robust tracking of the performance metrics
  • Ensure direct reports comply and meet the timelines/ policies/ procedures of other support functions (i.e. administration, timesheets etc.)

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