Syneos Health Hiring CDA III (Remote position)

Syneos Health Hiring CDA III (Remote position)

6 March, 2022

About the job


This position is responsible for assisting in all clinical data management activities required for complex clinical trials with high proficiency and by providing guidance to other Clinical Data Associates (CDAs).


  •  Maintains awareness of the pertinent elements of contract and scope of work for assigned project(s) and communicates status updates to the Project Manager and/or Biometrics Project Manager as necessary.
  •  Reviews and adheres to the requirements of study-specific Clinical Data Management Plans for assigned project(s).
  •  Creates and enters test data for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  •  Performs User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for data entry screens, edits and data review listings, all different roles used in the study and Targeted Source Data Verification (SDV) configuration and matrices.
  •  Receives and enters lab normal ranges.
  • Completes and submits Clinical Database Management System (CDMS)-specific access forms and/or spreadsheets.
  •  Performs reviews of discrepancy (edit check) output and validation listings based on data entered into the clinical database. Based on this review, queries or applies self-evident corrections or other global rulings permitted in cases where queries are not required, per the Data Validation Specification and/or Data Management Plan (DMP) for the assigned projects. Resolves answered queries and requeries where appropriate.
  •  For paper studies, takes receipt of, and reviews, Data Clarification Forms (DCFs) that have been answered by sites and where appropriate, edits the CRF database accordingly. Submits copies of the DCFs to sponsors as necessary.
  •  For paper studies, performs internal QC checks via listing output from database against CRFs and DCFs. Serves as QC Coordinator for paper studies.
  • For paper studies, ensures all CRFs and DCFs received are returned for filing in the Document Control Room per the Data Tracking Guidelines for the assigned projects.
  •  For EDC studies, performs DM quality review and/or other internal QC checks as required per applicable electronic data capture (EDC) systems.
  •  Creates electronic storage media per SOPs for EDC studies.
  •  Participates in internal meetings and internal/external audits as required.
  •  Files documentation in the Data Management Study File (DMSF).
  •  Maintains proficiency in Data Management systems and processes through regular trainings (CDA Knowledge College).
  •  Performs SAS mapping QC whereby discrepancies are noted on the SAS mapping test logs.
  •  Coordinates the work of CDAs assigned to the project.
  •  Provides training on data management activities and systems.
  •  Provides project-specific training to other Clinical Data Associates (CDAs).
  •  Ensures that data from external databases/datasets such as central and/or local laboratory data, electronic diary data, pharmacokinetic (PK) data, or Interactive Response Technology (IRT) are consistent with data in the clinical database. Uses the specified process to document and query any such discrepancies found with the appropriate party.
  •  Completes tasks within timeframe by appropriately prioritizing multiple tasks within or across projects and adapts to timeline or priority changes by reorganizing daily workload. Proactively communicates to project team and management accurate estimates on time to complete tasks, availability to take on new assignments and resourcing conflicts. Minimizes rework by following study instructions, seeking understanding of assignments prior to performing task and anticipating the effect changes may have on data when issuing and resolving queries.
  •  Runs data cleaning and/or status reports.
  •  Performs Serious Adverse Event (SAE) reconciliations.
  •  Performs peer review to other CDAs and provides feedback

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CDA III | Syneos Health Clinical Solutions | LinkedIn

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