Acme Pharmaceutical Hiring for QA Position

Acme Pharmaceutical Hiring for QA Position

15 January, 2022

Role: Sr. Officer/Executive: Quality Assurance

Experience required: 3 to 4 years of QMS, IPQA and validation experience in oral dosage forms in plant setting.

Location: Changodar, Ahmedabad

How to Apply: Interested candidates please apply at

About Company:

Founded in 1985, Acme group’s core business lies in providing high quality contract manufacturing services to the patrons of the global health care industry. Backed by our robust team and accredited facilities for more than three decades, we are proud to render an innovative process of bringing high quality oral solid dosage forms, artificial sweeteners and cosmetics in the market. From humble beginnings with a small manufacturing unit outside of Ahmedabad, Acme group is now the trusted partner of 60+ clients, exports to 15+ countries and has a workforce of 400+ people operating across two states.

Our company is dedicated to achieving perfection in client satisfaction, constant innovation and product quality. Our WHO certified Tablet and ORS manufacturing facilities in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat respectively are led by experienced teams and equipped with latest technology to meet the latest market trends.

Our emerging business focuses on formulation and development of new generic molecules on the market. We also develop products that are going off patent in immediate future to export across different countries. Our research team will optimize the formulation to scale it up and leverage our manufacturing expertise to benefit global clients waiting to market these products as generics.

Our group is proud to have a strong market presence across India through our marketing ventures: Acmedix and Shankus Acme. A strong team of informed medical representatives networks through the healthcare industry highlighting benefits of our range of specialty medications.

We are committed to improve life with conviction- by delivering customer centric services and enabling their growth, by focusing on research to cater unmet healthcare needs and promoting wellness for a healthier community.

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